bark and fester LLC, BKNFR, is an independent game studio
based in New York,
founded August, 2015,
and found at:

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BKNFR is developing its debut twitch-puzzler, roTopo, set to release July, 2016 on all web platforms.
roTopo Summary
Thu Jun 09 2016 21:12:33 GMT+0000 (UTC)

roTopo is an HTML5-ROTATION-BASED-PATHFINDING-TWITCH-PUZZLER in which players guide a constantly-moving character over increasingly-complex 3D structures. It’s set to release early-mid July of 2016 on all desktop and mobile browsers. It is free-to-play with youtube ad-enabled content previews and cheap-as-heck microtransactions, which can be read about here.

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