bark and fester LLC, BKNFR, is an independent game studio
based in New York,
founded August, 2015,
and found at:

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BKNFR is developing its debut twitch-puzzler, roTopo, set to release July, 2016 on all web platforms.
Privacy Policy
Mon Feb 22 2016 19:14:27 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Please read these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy carefully before using any of BARK AND FESTER LLC’s services.

Whenever you use any services created and/or distributed by BARK AND FESTER LLC, you acknowledge all of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with these terms, you must not use any of BARK AND FESTER LLC’s services.


  • We/we/our/us = BARK AND FESTER LLC
  • (The) Service(s)/service(s) = Any service provided by BARK AND FESTER LLC
  • Terms/terms = Terms of Service
  • User(s)/user(s)/You/you = Any or all users, defined as having registered of the Services
  • Guest(s)/guest(s) = Any or all non-registered persons

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If you’ve read our Terms of Service, you already know that changes to our Terms and Privacy Policy will never be made maliciously. We value our own information just like you value your own. We will never deliberately place any of your personal information at risk of exposure to third-parties and generally evil people. We’ll try our best to let you know when changes are made.

Account Information, Security, and Privacy

We NEVER automatically store any personally identifiable information of any of our users or guests. We will make use of browser cookies insofar as they are useful identifiers of users, including authorization IDs generated from Facebook and Google’s OAuth services. No personally-identifiable information is gathered. Please refer to Google’s own Privacy Policy, which can be found at

For technical support, we will communicate through e-mail if one is provided. Beyond that, you are entirely a mystery to us.

How we use Collected Information

Every bit of user information we store is not personally-identifiable. We use this information for the following:

  1. Ease in Logging-in to our Services
  2. Tracking of User Progress, Unlocks, Purchases
  3. Contacting Users for Technical Support and opt-in Notifications of our Services.

We will NEVER sell or provide any information we do collect from users.

Deletion of User Data

To delete temporary data, including cookies and local storage, please first sign out of your account in the Rotopo landing page, and then clear out cookies using your browser’s privacy settings.

To request deletion of all account information, please first login into your account and then select the button labeled “send us a message” in settings section of the pause menu. To access the pause menu in game, press the spacebar on a PC or double tap on a touchscreen or mobile device. Submit an email with the subject “delete account” and a customer support person will remove your account information from our servers. Note that this will delete all of your game progress and that it cannot be undone.

Collected Information when Logging-in

When logging-in and authorizing with Facebook™, the only information we receive from Facebook™ is a unique identifier token we later associate with that user’s specific game progress, unlocks, and purchases. We do NOT have access to ANY OTHER INFORMATION. It’s dystopic, but in our database our users are only numbers.

We also collect our own unique identifier tokens associated with a user’s cookies. Cookies are ONLY used for quickly logging-in a user based on a previous successful log-in authorization with Facebook™. If a user’s cookies are cleared, the user will have to successfully authorize with Facebook™ before logging-in to our service(s) again.

For information about what Facebook™ collects from a user, please refer to

Collected Information when Opting-In to E-mail Notifications

A user has the option to opt-in to e-mail notifications about news relating to any of BARK AND FESTER LLC’s services by providing an e-mail address. A user can opt-out of these notifications through a link provided in sent e-mails or through in-game Settings.

Collected Information when Purchasing Content

When purchasing content with Braintree™, we only receive a unique identifier token used to associate with a user’s log-in identifier token. Braintree™ handles all of a user’s credit card information and whatever personal information is required to complete purchases. Braintree™ may share non-financial information with us relating to purchases made. This information will NOT be stored.

For information about what Braintree™ collects from a user, please refer to

Collected Information when Opening a Support Ticket

When opening a Support Ticket, we may collect a user-entered e-mail address. This is ONLY used for communications related to addressing Support Tickets. We will NOT use any entered e-mail address for uses beyond Technical Support to users.


All advertisements are either served by or are redirected to an Amazon product or service. Please refer to Amazon’s own advertising Privacy Policy for more about what information is gathered and how that information is used to serve user- and site- targeted ads. You can find the privacy notice at

Support Information and Legal Contact

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact

Please send any Legal Notices to: BARK AND FESTER LLC, 3 Chalford Lane, Scarsdale, NY 10583.